Facts you might not know about the body – Livingston County News
For all of you future “Jeopardy” contestants, here's another informative column that includes a plethora of information about our bodies. There's a lot to be said about our human anatomy. Some facts are relatively unknown. For example how many of you …
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Body of Art
The understanding of the human body is an area where art and science have a long history of collaboration and cross-fertilisation. Since the Renaissance with polymaths, such as Leonardo DaVinci and Andreas Vesalius, art has enhanced our understanding …
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Looking at the human body all month at the ARTery
Ah, the human figure. While we could debase ourselves to the lowest common denominator and simply wisecrack, we will not. Instead, we will celebrate the human body as a structure of amazing function. Artists throughout history have done this, too, plus …
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